The Balitaw

The Balitaw

Balitaw is a song-and-dance debate between a man and a woman. More often sung than danced, it is a Visayan art form which existed in the region long before the Spaniards came. The early natives called the song oyayi and the dance baya-i.

The Spaniards called the dance valse (waltz). The natives adapted the word valse to bal and added tawo (the Visayan word for ‘people’). Thus was coined the term balitaw, meaning “dance of the people”.

Visayan debate songs, of which the balitaw is the best example, are usually sung at a festive gathering by a man-woman pair who must also be good dancers and actors. The examples that follow are
jovial jousts on love and marriage. (Source: Folk Culture of the Central Visayas [Kalinangan Series 2], 1986; Instructional Materials Corporation, Philippines; 194pp.)

This “Balitaw” blog will talk and touch about the hostorical song and dance of the Cebuano’s and how it affect their life.


The bloggers composed of today’s young generations of Cebuano students from Science and Technology Center – S T E C are proud to be part of BALITAW history and how it mirrors Cebuano life.

If you are interested to join us in our journey – conquering back the early life of the CEBUANO’s,  WE – the generations of Cebuano’s will create posts and pages that will bring back the times of our life.

Thank you!

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